Serving Rolls & Parathas, with a modern twist. Perfect take-away snack. Fast, filling & absolutely delicious.
A perfect experience for families who gorge on southern delights. With a variety of Dosas & Idlis, deciding on just one, is going to be a challenge.
The perfect solution for all teenageers who will settle for nothing but a Pizza or a Pasta.Our gooey, cheesy Italian is sure to melt you down.
Ishtreet is a perfect re-creation of the famous Mumbai street snacks. From Pani-puri to Pav-bhaji, there's so much to explore.
A smart, compact concept for all those mouth-watering frozen foods. From crispy fingerchips to fancy nuggets. It'll be a FryDay everyday.
Alight at the bread station for the very best in quality gourmet breads and snacks. Devour a wide range of Burgers & Sandwiches at the bread station.
Savour the mix of spices and lip smacking tadka sourced directly from the kitchens of North India. Enjoy delicious Punjabi thalis or the plain old chole bhatures at Aoji Khaoji.
Quench your thrist or savour the exiting taste of Fruits & Appetizers with Drinkos.
Chin se Chinese delivers the authentic taste & extensive menu for the ultimate Chinese cuisine experience. Served with a perfect mix of starters and variety of Noodles & Rice preparations.
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