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Homestays are on the rise. More hosts are offering their homes, guidance and companionship and more travelers choosing this accommodation option. It has emerged from the narrow category of lodging choice for students and exchange programs of universities, to the new coolest option of traveling for the experiential traveler. These provide the similar homely aura at an affordable rate and are also a great source of income for the natives with large vacant houses.

India offers numerous serene cities and towns which are constantly explored and appreciated by foreign tourists. The numbers of tourists visiting our picturesque country swells up every year and this makes it a befitting location to start a homestay business.

Apart from just starting a homestay, we offer you creating a Unique concept of Indian Authentic Home Stay along with Regional Cooking School.

Homestays – the newest Business Concept

Homestay business is a breakthrough in the field of tourism industry. It offer all the basic necessities to visitors along with homely warmth (which every luxury hotel lacks). The first homestay business was started in Kerala a decade ago but now there are similar guesthouses in almost every tourist location of the country.

Cooking School – The next big thing for Tourism

Creating Indian Home Cooking School in Every HomeStay is the next big thing. It is a great way to showcase the regional foods of India. Our Prime Goal is to give the tourists the real taste of Indian food and showcase the real culture & food with the entire world.

A homestay is an increasingly popular form of accommodation that connects guests with individual hosts who have opened their homes to travelers. Homestay lodging differs from other popular forms of private accommodation because of its host-present model: guests don’t stay in an empty apartment or home, but instead share the accommodations provided by the homeowner and his or her family. Homestays are a popular lodging option for consumers of all ages who want a more personalized, immersive and authentic travel experience. Homestay accommodations are a growing global trend as tourists seek more genuine, enriching and memorable travel experiences.

The key to a great homestay experience for both host and guest is about not only finding the right home, but also the right person. In other words, finding the right match. While some guests are seeking an immersive and cultural experience, others might simply want good quality, affordable accommodations in the right location with a host they get along with. Similarly, some hosts will want to spend hours chatting with guests over a meal while others will prefer guests who are more independent.

Why an Indian Home Cooking School

Cooking with the locals is the newest avenue in the hospitality industry. Tasting the local food is definitely on HIGH demand but the next big thing is Cooking Local . The new traveller is seeking for a more local experience than a Guided tour experience. And the best way to know a local is Cook like a Local.

Why the Indian Homestay with a Cooking School

This model is the new age hospitality experience . And it has been a successful experiment in our 3 Years Old Homestay in Jaipur. People love being looked after in a strange country. They love coming back from a long day of sightseeing to a host waiting for dinner. They love sharing informal talks on the table of breakfast with their hosts. They cherish the guidance given by their hosts as they believe it’s going to be genuine. But the most they love -- is Cooking like us, the locals.

Also, these two entities make the business module Self-Sustainable.

Why an Indian Home Cooking School

Guests book homestays to enjoy staying in a home environment, for the location, for value for money, and the local experience.

Why you should be a host?
Minimal Investment
Homestay guest-houses can be easily started with minimal investment as the biggest investment i.e. property, is already possessed by the owner. Owners only need to invest in utensils, electric equipments and simple furniture
No Need to Look for a Location
In case of any other business, the primary step is to look for a suitable location but one can avoid these hassles before kick starting a homestay business. A spacious house in a good Residential locality, or City Center, or picturesque location is all you need to start a homestay guest house.
Interacting with Different People
Not every day, one gets to meet people from different parts of the world, with different cultures and who speak a different language. Though, with a homestay business, you get enough opportunities to meet new people and interact with them.
Flexibility in Business Operations
A homestay business is extremely flexible with its operations. You can block dates for your private days, holidays, or whenever you want to take a break from the hosting responsibilities.
For a Homestay: A Family Owned Home
  • The prime`st requirement is a family owned Home. Preferences are for old Ancestral houses with spare rooms for Guests, such have usually the best locations.
  • Modern Homes with quiet locality
  • City Center Location
  • Minimum rooms 1 upto maximum of 6 rooms.
For the Indian Home Cooking School: passion to cook
  • Your passion is foremost. If you are passionate about your local cuisine and hold knowledge and interest in the Food & Culture of your region, then you are the ONE.
  • A spare Room / space / half terrace / verandah for creating a State-Of-Art Kitchen set up.

Such guest-houses are perfect for solo-travelers as well as families who are looking forward to spend some local experience, since, the places are run by natives; Tourists get an experience of learning a new language, trying a home-made indigenous meal and they get to venture beyond their itinerary as natives constantly guide them to locations which have rarely been explored.

The Solo Women travellers coming to India are preferring to take up HomeStay Accommodation rather picking up 5 Star hotels. There main concern of traveling to India is getting a safe accommodation and proper guidance to enjoy our Country to the fullest.

These guest-houses are specially profitable for owners of large ancestral homes with vacant rooms. The idea of such accommodation is to provide the tourists with an experience that continues to linger deep inside their hearts even at the end of their journey because real essence of traveling lies beyond the artificial opulence of expensive hotels.

Homestay guests expect many of the same amenities they would experience at a hotel: Wi-Fi, a television and laundry facilities. But they also enjoy host-provided bicycles, off-street parking, private gardens, access to a kitchen and gaming rooms. The big takeaway is that guests choose homestays for the experience more than value for money, and hosts similarly choose the experience over earning additional money.

  • Recognizing and assessing the potential of your Property with assured return
  • Highlighting the unique features of your area for a tourist and tapping the newest trends in hospitality. The activities that give boost to our bookings is our priority.
  • Cooking School is a unique feature in our homestay franchise. This is a unique opportunity for the Women of India to become an entrepreneur while showcasing their native Food & Culture to the World Tourist.
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